AI Cover Letter Generator

Generate a personalized cover letter for the job with one click. Simply choose the job and the resume you wish to use and watch your cover letter write itself in seconds.

Step 1 - Upload/Create your resume

You can upload your resume to canyon via the resumes tab

If you don’t have a resume, click ‘Continue’ without upload to create your new resume. Canyon’s resume builder is one of the most advanced resume builders, leveraging AI to ensure your resume performs optimally.

Step 2 - Add a job

There are two easy ways to add a prospective job to Canyon, via the Chrome extension and through the app.

Once the chrome extension is installed, visit any well known job site and click “Save and track application” on the Canyon sidebar to add the job

You can also manually add the job via the app by clicking “New Job Application”

Step 2 - Generate Cover Letter using AI with One Click

Click into the job you added and choose the resume you wish to use and then click “Generate Cover Letter with AI” to instantly get a personalized cover letter

From there, you can make edits as you choose to ensure you have the perfect cover letter to stand out from the crowd!