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Resume Builder

Effortlessly build your resume and optimize where you need it.

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Track all your job applications in one place.

Practice Interviews

Practice technical and behavior interviews for any role.


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Canyon Score ™

Canyon Score measures the contents of your resume with industry standards to give you realtime feedback.

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Tina Belcher

An accomplished professional with extensive experience in hospitality, demonstrating expertise in customer service, and a proven track record of successfully managing and overseeing restaurants.

Optimize Your Resume

Tailor resumes to job descriptions with ease.

  • Dropbox
    Product Manager

  • Airbnb
    Marketing Analyst

    Los Angeles, CA
  • Spotify
    Senior Software Engineer

    New York City, NY

Manage and Track Applications

Everywhere you've applied, all in one place.

Acme Inc
About the role

The ideal marketing analyst will have a strong proficiency in data analysis and visualization tools, coupled with an ability to interpret market trends and consumer behavior to inform strategic decisions.

Auto-fill Job Applications

Apply to more jobs in less time with our Chrome extension, which supports major job boards such as LinkedIn, Workday, Indeed, Greenhouse, Lever, Glassdoor, and many more.

The Power of Embedded Intelligence

Fight fire with fire. Canyon weaves the latest advancements in Large Language Models and AI throughout our platform to maximize your chance of landing your dream role.

Cover Letter Generator

Generate a cover letter tailored to the job description and your personal background.

ATS Optimizer

Optimize your resume to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Mock Interviews

Prepare for interviews with tailored practice questions that contexualizes both the job description and your background.

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Extensive analytics and suggestions to help you make data-driven decisions.

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