How to use ChatGPT to Improve Your Resume

Jun 4, 2024

In today's highly competitive job market, having a standout resume is crucial. However, many individuals struggle with crafting a compelling resume that effectively highlights their skills and experiences. Fortunately, AI tools like ChatGPT can assist you in creating and refining your resume to better catch the eye of hiring managers and recruiters. Here's how you can leverage ChatGPT to improve your resume.

  1. Brainstorming Keywords and Phrases

Start by feeding ChatGPT job descriptions for the types of positions you're targeting. Ask the model to identify key terms, skills, and phrases commonly used in these descriptions. Integrate these keywords into your resume to help it pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and appeal to hiring managers.

Example Prompt:

"I’m applying for a Marketing Manager position. Here’s a job description: [paste job description]. Can you identify the key skills and phrases that I should include in my resume?"

  1. Crafting Descriptive Job Summaries

One of the most challenging parts of resume writing is creating concise yet descriptive job summaries. Provide ChatGPT with details about your previous roles, and ask it to help you rewrite them in a more impactful way.

Example Prompt:

"I worked as a sales associate at XYZ Company. My responsibilities included managing inventory, assisting customers, and meeting sales targets. Can you help me write a compelling job summary for this role?"

  1. Quantifying Achievements

Employers love to see quantifiable achievements. If you struggle with articulating these, provide ChatGPT with your accomplishments and relevant data, and it can help you frame these in a results-oriented manner.

Example Prompt:

"In my last job, I increased sales by 15%, trained new employees, and improved customer satisfaction scores. How can I best present these achievements on my resume?"

  1. Writing a Professional Summary

A professional summary is your elevator pitch on your resume. Ask ChatGPT to help you draft an engaging summary that succinctly highlights your qualifications and career goals.

Example Prompt:

"I'm an experienced software engineer skilled in Java, Python, and machine learning. I’m looking for a challenging position at a forward-thinking tech company. Can you help me write a professional summary for my resume?"

  1. Tailoring Your Resume for Specific Jobs

ChatGPT can assist you in customizing your resume for different job applications. Provide the job description and your existing resume, and ask for advice on tailoring your resume to better match the job requirements.

Example Prompt:

"I’m applying for a senior project manager position at ABC Corp. Here’s the job description: [paste job description], and here’s my current resume: [paste resume]. Can you help me tailor my resume for this job?"

  1. Grammar and Style Check

For a polished and professional resume, ensure your grammar and style are impeccable. Use ChatGPT to proofread your resume and suggest improvements in word choice, sentence structure, and overall readability.

Example Prompt:

"Can you review my resume for any grammatical errors or awkward phrasing? Here it is: [paste resume]."

  1. Cover Letter Assistance

Lastly, don’t forget about your cover letter. ChatGPT can help you draft a compelling cover letter that complements your resume and highlights why you're the ideal candidate for the job.

Example Prompt:

"I’m applying for a graphic designer role. Here’s my resume: [paste resume], and here’s the job description: [paste job description]. Can you help me write a cover letter?"


ChatGPT is a valuable tool for enhancing your resume and making it more appealing to potential employers. By using it to brainstorm keywords, craft job summaries, quantify achievements, and even write your professional summary and cover letter, you can significantly improve your chances of landing your dream job.

While ChatGPT is super valuable, you also need to write your own prompts which can result in very different results. Canyon provides all the benefits of ChatGPT for your resume, while being incredible easy to use. Sign up to use Canyon today to perfect your resume!